Q:Is it really waterproof and anti-collision as they say?

A:So far I will answer yes. Take it out a few times, encountering rainy days and rugged roads, it seems that they have no effect on the Oculus Quest 2 inside.

Q:Is it suitable fits quest 2? when i put the headset in it, will it sway due to the gap?

A:No need to worry about adaptability. This travel case has a built-in elastic band for fixing the device, and there is generally no collision and sliding.

Q:Can this be used to hold other vr headsets besides quest 2?

A:This case can be used to hold other VR headsets, but only if these headsets smaller than the case(9.6x 8.3 x 5.5 inches).

Q:How‘s the weight of this case and is it laborious to carry?

A:It does not exceed 1 pound, which is more convenient than other carrying methods and does not take up much space.

Q:Is it easy to clean up? Or is it stain-resistant?

A:Really scratch-resistant and stain-resistant, feel pretty good to the touch.