Monster Hunter Now Releasing September 14 - Hits One Million Pre-Registrations

by Oliver Li on Aug 09, 2023

Monster Hunter Now

"Monster Hunter Now," the upcoming AR action RPG developed by Capcom and Niantic, has achieved a remarkable milestone by garnering one million pre-registrations within just a week.

Scheduled for release next month on both iOS and Android platforms, Monster Hunter Now initiated a pre-registration campaign ahead of its official launch. Players are being offered bonus items as incentives for reaching various pre-registration milestones, with even more rewards promised when the game achieves 2 million, 3 million, and 5 million pre-registrations. Interested players can find additional information and pre-register via the official website.

Monster Hunter Now Pre-register

Unveiled in April, Monster Hunter Now represents Capcom's first venture into the realm of AR gaming. Similar to the concept behind Pokémon Go, this game allows players to engage in battles with creatures from the Monster Hunter universe, utilizing diverse weapons and collecting resources to enhance their hunting equipment. Despite Niantic's recent downsizing in June, which resulted in the discontinuation of Marvel: World of Heroes and NBA All-World, Monster Hunter Now remains unaffected.

The eagerly anticipated Monster Hunter Now is set to launch on September 14 for both iOS and Android devices, accessible through the App Store and Google Play. Android users in specific regions, including Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Sweden, have the advantage of experiencing an early soft launch.



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