Metal Music Adventure Game - War Of Being by Tesseract Release on PCVR

by Oliver Li on Aug 11, 2023

Metal Music Adventure Game

Progressive metal band Tesseract is venturing into the realm of virtual reality with the creation of a SteamVR sci-fi adventure inspired by their own album, War of Being. This exciting project has been launched in early access today.

The game, named War of Being, is the brainchild of a dedicated three-person independent team. Drawing inspiration from the concepts explored in Tesseract's upcoming album of the same name, the game is developed using Unreal Engine 5 and offers the option for PC VR support. Set within the enigmatic realm known as The Strangeland, players will find themselves encountering eccentric characters, solving intricate puzzles, and unlocking new musical experiences. The ultimate objective is to locate the musical stems that comprise the band's second single and piece them together to complete the entire song.

At its current stage, War of Being boasts six expansive maps. However, the full release promises an array of enhancements. The Steam FAQ outlines forthcoming additions, including additional levels, expanded inventory options, enriched gameplay elements, an intricately woven narrative, and most notably, the incorporation of the entire album into the game. Furthermore, Tesseract has disclosed its intentions to seek funding for the game's development through an upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

Daniel Tompkins, the lead singer of Tesseract and the mastermind behind War Of Being, expressed his deep-rooted connection to gaming and its influence on his musical projects. In a prepared statement, he shared, "Gaming has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember... It's a dream come true to be able to produce a computer game based upon my own music."


War Of Being is now accessible for PC VR enthusiasts through Steam Early Access, priced at approximately $6 (£4.99). With an eye on the future, Tesseract aims to achieve the game's full release by late 2024, as stated in the Steam FAQ.

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