Meta Plans to Establish a New Dedicated UFC Zone in Horizon Worlds

by Oliver Li on Aug 07, 2023

UFC Fight Pass In VR

Meta is strengthening its partnership with UFC by introducing a dedicated UFC zone to Horizon Worlds later this year.

Last October, UFC started streaming Fight Pass MMA events through Horizon Worlds, beginning with a bantamweight world title fight between Muin "Tajik" Gafurov and Diego "Magrinho" Silva. This collaboration allowed viewers to experience the fight with a 180-degree panorama view. Now, as a next step, Horizon Worlds will have its own dedicated UFC world available in November.


Craig Borsari, UFC's Chief Content Officer and Executive Producer, shared in a Meta blog post, "We tested this technology successfully with a handful of MMA events last year, and now we're going further. The schedule of live MMA events available in Xtadium through UFC Fight Pass is growing, and we'll be helping to build out a dedicated UFC world in Meta Horizon Worlds that will offer the greatest fights in UFC history in a 4K 180-degree environment."

In addition to streaming fights, Meta has confirmed that the upcoming UFC zone will feature interactive games that can be played solo or with friends in multiplayer mode. Participating in these games will unlock "exclusive rewards" as players progress and strive to become a UFC Hall of Famer. However, specific details about the included games and rewards have not been disclosed by Meta at this time.

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