Q:How does it work?

A:It works great, I like its built-in bumps, they can not only help air ventilation, but help to absorb the shocks if you drop your headset accidentally, and only the KIWI design VR shell cover has this design.

Q:Is it easy to clean?

A:Yes, the material is smooth and is water washable, dust can be easily clean up with a wipe.

Q:Will this cause quest 2 to overheat?

A:This shell cover has built-in inner bumps that can help air circulation, and this design will highly reduce the situation of overheating.

Q:Does the shell can fits Quest 2 properly?

A:Sure, this protective shell can fit my quest 2 very well, the holes are cut precisely and will not block the signals, this shell is a must-have for your quest 2.

Q:Is it easy to install?

A:Yes, the package will come with an instruction manual or you can refer to the product images to install this shell cover.