Q:Will this work on the new Quest 2 ?

A:Yes, it not only suitable for Oculus Quest but also suitable for Quest 2, highly recommend.

Q:Will this fit on quest 2 both the original and Elite strap?

A:Yes, this fit all quest series.

Q:How much sound can be heard by people around when these are on, assuming the volume of the headset is at max?

A:Pretty much the same as not wearing them. They're not really headphones, they just direct the sound more toward your ears. They definitely do not keep any sound from escaping, but they do enhance the sound.

Q:Is there any advantage to this over wearing in-ear monitors or earbuds or proper noise-cancelling headphones? 

A:Basically it it more convenient to me because the stat attach to the headset and it just becomes part of the headset. You don't have to deal with connecting the plug or having a wire hanging around getting in the way. I'm sure noise cancelling headphone would be better sound quality overall but this definitely improves sound over the headset by itself and it effortless when setting up. 

FAQ:Earphones Compatible with Quest 2

Q:Is it adaptable?Will it slip off the ear easily?

A:So far no it stays in place

Q:Does it have a microphone?

A:Dear, we are sorry to tell you that it doesn't have microphone. 

Q:Is compatible with the VR of the play 4 ?

A:I use mine with my Quest 2 and they work just fine.

Q:Can I use this headset for my mobile phone?

A:It depends on your mobile phone brand and headphone jack. This headset adapts to the 3.5mm headphone jack. For most Apple phones, it cannot be used, while for most Android phones, as long as it is a 3.5mm headset Interface, there will be no adaptation problems.

Q:How is the sound quality of this headset? How about noise reduction?

A:Hi, this headset can meet your needs for sound quality and noise deduction,it adopts an in-ear design,each earbud features high-quality 10mm neodymium-magnet drivers delivering impressive audio with clear highs, crunchy mid-tones, and powerful bass to ensure your fully immersive gameplay.