Meta Collaborated with PROJECT ROCKIT to Launch Metaverse Youth Safety Guide

par Oliver Li sur Aug 16, 2023

Meta Collaborated with PROJECT ROCKIT to Launch Metaverse Youth Safety Guide
The Metaverse Youth Safety Guide has been launched through a collaboration between Meta and PROJECT ROCKIT, an Australian youth-driven movement committed to addressing cyberbullying and promoting online safety. This guide aims to educate young individuals who use technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

The guide's creation was inspired by insights obtained from PROJECT ROCKIT's 2022 report, 'Our Metaverse: Young People and the Digital Future.' This report was developed in consultation with 42 youth leaders, selected by prominent youth, mental health, and technology organizations across Australia, including the Centre for Multicultural Youth, Indigital, Minus18, Orygen, ReachOut, and UNICEF Australia.

In response to the findings of the report, the Metaverse Youth Safety Guide toolkit was developed, offering practical advice to help young people engage safely with AR and VR technologies.

The toolkit provides tips for young individuals and their parents, encompassing physical safety precautions like proper setup of VR headgear, online safety measures such as using privacy settings and reporting mechanisms, and specific safety recommendations for virtual multiplayer environments like Meta's Horizon Worlds. These recommendations involve actions like muting, reporting, and utilizing human moderation to create a secure and positive environment for users.

Mia Garlick, Meta's Regional Director of Public Policy, expressed pride in partnering with PROJECT ROCKIT to launch this practical toolkit for young people. The aim is to empower them to safely interact with emerging AR and VR technologies.

"This new toolkit will add to the range of VR safety tools and products we have in place to ensure young people can safely enjoy exploring new technologies," she said. "It’s important we empower them to use these technologies safely, and that we give parents and guardians the resources to help navigate this ever-changing online landscape.”

Lucy Thomas, CEO and Co-founder of PROJECT ROCKIT, highlighted that following the release of the Our Metaverse report, the toolkit was developed to help young people and their families navigate the evolving world of online technology with confidence and safety.

"It is critical that we have partners like Meta who work with us to help educate our future generations, tackle online hate and create a safer, kinder and more thriving digital world," said Thomas.

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