How to Install KIWI design Connector Conversion Kit

par Danny Z sur Nov 15, 2023

how to install kiwi design connector conversion kit

Connector Kit provides an easy conversion method to adopt your current Comfort Head Strap with Quest 3.


1. Remove the head strap from Quest 2
2.Remove the connectors of both side by twisting the joint and strap in the opposite direction like this. This step may require a decent amount of force.


3.Before you assembling the connector of Quest 3, please notice the L & R mark 

Head strap connector of Meta Quest 3


4.Also the groove on the connector need to be align with the bump on cap when assembling

The groove on the connector and the bump on cap(marked by red circle)


5.When assembling, sandwich the strap between the connector and cap


6.Align the groove with the bump on the cap and press them together. This step may require a decent amount of force.


7.Repeat on the other side.


8.Done! Now you can install the head strap on your Quest 3.

2 commentaires

  • Jihn
    Nov 27, 2023 à 19:45

    Will this work with the battery version?

    I understand that it may not provide sufficient charge, but it should increase use time.

    I’m okay spending $10 to convert the battery headstrap until you come out with one designed for the 3.


  • hua
    Nov 27, 2023 à 19:45

    I always thought you guys only make the best products, and now I see you also provide the best service. I mean, this tutorial is very helpful.


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