Reclympics, Turns Games Into compete Sports

by ZhinanZhang on Aug 17, 2021

Reclympics, Turns Games Into compete Sports



The event will provide Rec Room players with an opportunity to compete with each other while representing one of the eight Rec Room areas to "keep the Olympic torch and spirit going" in the Rec Room community.

There are seven Rec Room Olympic sports that players will be able to compete for a medal. Available at specific times between now and September 5.

rec room reclympics

Stunt Runner, for example, will become a solo Olympic obstacle course where you’ll races others for the fastest time. There will also be Archery, Laser Tag and Dodgeball events, along with Discus Throw and Ultimate Frisbee. And of course, what would the Reclympics be without one of Rec Room’s most classic games, Paintball.

The events are only available for limited windows, with 4 hour slots at set days across the next few weeks. Here’s the full schedule and registration deadlines:

 Archery: August 21, 11am – 3pm PST (registration closed)

– Dodgeball: August 22, 11am – 3pm PST (registration open closed)

 Ultimate Frisbee: August 15, 11am – 3pm PST (registration open until August 23)

 Paintball: September 4, 11am – 3pm PST (registration open until August 23)

All of the events will take place in a custom-built coliseum, and will be livestreamed to YouTube.

Users won’t be representing their country in the events, but one of eight Rec Room regions instead – Painball Plateau, Rec Room Main Campus, Cyberjunk City Limits, Creator Commonwealth, Isles of the Lost Skulls, Crimson Bog Swamp, Goblin Kingdom, Frontier Island.

rec room reclympics

After choosing a region to represent, players can sign up for events — only a limited number of players per region will be selected to compete in each event, selected by the community team staff. Prospective applicants must be over level 30 and be in good moderation standing.

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