Myst’s PC VR Version will Arrives Next Week

by ZhinanZhang on Aug 18, 2021

Myst’s PC VR Version will Arrives Next Week

This iconic adventure game launched its latest remake on PC on August 26. It will be available on Steam and Oculus stores, and yes! It will be cross-buy with Quest. The studio confirmed this on Twitter and released a new trailer, which you can see below. This version of the game will fully support PC VR headsets. In fact, you can already try the VR version on Oculus Quest.

If you want to explore 'Mystery' yourself or play 'cooperative' with your family like me. 'Mystery' is definitely a faithful, upgraded, stable, and landmark porting remake game. It is hard not to recommend everyone to play at least once.  It may be a bit nervous and lonely, but this is what 'Mystery' works.

But what about a possible PSVR version? No news so far, but the game is coming to Xbox platforms, which gives us hope it could hop over to Sony’s console and headset sometime in the future. Elsewhere, Cyan is still working on its next follow-up adventure game, Firmament. It’s going to have full VR support but it probably isn’t arriving anytime soon.

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