Q:Does this cable work with a usb-a (female to male) extension cord to make the total length even longer?

A:You will likely need an active extender so the signal does not degrade.

Q:Will this cable work good if i only have usb 3.0/3.1 ports?

A:Yes, fast transmission with charging - USB 3.0

Q:How about the delay of this line?

A:When I use it, I can’t feel any delay. By the way, this cable is usb 3.0, and they claim that its video transmission speed can reach 5Gbps, I guess there should be no obvious delay.

Q:What material is this thread made of?

A:Its USB interface and type c interface are made of plastic and metal, and the middle connection line is pvc wire, which can be better suited for oculus quest 2.

Q:Did someone tested this cable for Oculus Link compatibility?

A:I think the compatibility is very good. I can easily connect the computer and oculus quest 2. Although the cable is 16 feet long, the data transmission is still relatively fast. In addition, the stability of the charging is also good. No accidents, it will not easy to disconnect, but you need to maintain the cleanlines

Q:What's the speed of the cable in the oculus test?

A:I believe when I tested mine it was around 2.0 Gbps. The official Link Cable tested at around 2.3 Gbps on my system.I had no issues when using the KIWI cable.