Q: Will they fall off if I shake them a lot, for example playing boxing games or playing with sabers? Do they need to be taped shut?

A: They fit the controller perfectly. No tape is needed.

Q: What material is this controller case made of?

A: Clear silicone. It feels soft and comfortable. I'm happy to find a good case for my Halo controller.

Q: Can these also be used with the Quest 1 controller?

A: Sorry, they do not work with the quest 1 controller ring, which is smaller than the Quest 2.

Q: Does the case slip off easily during gameplay?

A: No, it fits my Halo controllers perfectly.

Q:Which Wrist straps are compatible with these?

A:All controller grips cover from KIWI design are suitable. When using the KIWI extended controller grips cover, just remove the halo ring protection cover.

Q:When will the protective covers for these weights be available for purchase on their own?

A:Sorry, there is no separate protective covers for sale at the moment. We will consider selling the protective covers separately in the future according to your needs.

Q:Can these be used along with the kiwi elite hand straps?

A:This VR weight controller can be used along with KIWI design controller girps cover, but need to remover the halo controller protector.