Q:Will this fit in the official Quest 2 carrying case?

A:Sure, but you need to detach the head support first. It also fits in my SARLAR carrying case.

Q:Is the side strap easy to break?

A:Definitely no, I tried twisting and bending the side strap multiple times and turns out it's way much sturdy than any other head strap I've ever used.

Q:What's the main difference between the kiwi elite strap and the official oculus elite strap?

A:The side strap of KIWI design's is movable, so you can take the strap off more easily. KIWI has also updated all the cushions to PU leather foam pad, which is extremely comfortable for your head.

Q:Does this head strap compatible with a VR power bank?

A:Yes, it can attach the battery to the head support part of the head strap.