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Cable pulley system
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Système silencieux de poulie de gestion des câbles VR

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Product description
  • Expérience VR plus silencieuse - L'ensemble du système de gestion des câbles VR adopte des matériaux en silicone, ABS et caoutchouc et une technologie d'amortissement du bruit pour maximiser le silence et minimiser le tiraillement des câbles pendant l'utilisation, faciliter l'immersion complète sans bruit autour et trébucher sur les câbles.

  • Conception plus simple mais plus intelligente - Nous simplifions ce système de la conception intégrée sans bruit de la boucle souple supérieure et du corps de poulie à la fonction de rotation à 360 ° intégrée à l'intérieur du support de câble HMD, le rend facile à assembler et à démonter et s'adapte à différents types de câble pour les fixer sans glisser sur le câble.

  • Deux façons d'installer - Facile à installer, vous pouvez choisir des crochets adhésifs ou des crochets à vis, selon que vous voulez qu'il soit permanent ou non et quel type de plafond vous avez. La tension du fil rétractable est modérée et peut s'étendre jusqu'à 71 pouces de long puis rebondir automatiquement, vous offre une expérience VR plus confortable.

  • Compatibilité étendue - Les accessoires VR sont parfaits et indispensables pour les casques VR HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, Vive Cosmos, Rift, Rift S, Playstation VR, Microsoft MR, Samsung Odyssey VR, Valve Index VR, PSVR2 et autres virtuels filaires casques de réalité, le support de câble HMD est fabriqué en caoutchouc élastique souple, donc ne vous inquiétez pas d'endommager vos câbles.

  • Ce que vous obtenez – 3 pièces : 3 systèmes de gestion des câbles VR + 3 crochets à vis de plafond + 4 crochets adhésifs + 1 clé Allen. Garantie produit de 18 mois et service client amical 24h/24 et 7j/7 ;
    6 pièces : 6 systèmes de gestion des câbles VR + 7 crochets à vis de plafond + 8 crochets adhésifs + 1 clé Allen + 1 crochet à anneau + 1 guide de l'utilisateur. Garantie produit de 18 mois et service client amical 24h/24 et 7j/7.

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Q: Does the overhead cable tend to get in the way of moving around or storing the headset?

A: It depends on how much you are reeling back in when your HMD is not on. You get enough mounting hardware to make an endpoint triangular tension on three reels which makes for extremely easy use when you are in VR. If you set it up properly you shouldn't have much cabling in the way. If you are only connecting one reel at the end you might get a little more interaction with the HMD cabling.
Storage is trickier. If you are storing your HMD near the last connection point(s) of the reels then you shouldn't have much trouble with any cables being unmanageable. If not you can either disconnect the loops around the cables for your HMD or just remove the reels from their mounting hooks. Personally, I just take the reels off the hooks so they stay connected to the same points along the cables to my HMD. When I am ready to use it I just put them back on the hooks and I can hop in without tweaking the setup.

Q: Does anyone have a recommendation for an adhesive (like 3m Command Strips) that can be used for the ceiling that won't ruin the paint on the ceiling?

A: I used the .5 lbs command strip hooks (the base is plastic and the hook is a separate metal piece). I wasn’t sure if they would hold up to being tugged on but they have been up for over a month of almost daily play and are working perfectly! I didn’t use the supplied adhesive hooks out of fear of ceiling damage.

Q: Have you used the adhesion hook? How does it work? Is it a suction cup or a sticky tab?

A: Sticky tabs. Very strong, as long as your ceiling isn't especially textured.

Q: What size is the Allen wrench?

A: No need for an Allen wrench.

Q: How well does this stick to bubble ceilings?

A: You need to anchor them in. Don’t Try to use adhesive on that. My ceiling is textured and they are anchored in very well.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

Easy to set up and made my VR experience 10x better

Marc Div
the best one out there

Simply the best, we've been using it for years, the first version was great, the second one got better.
Thank you Kiwi!

Andrew Formosa
Overhead tension

A great addition to our setup but retraction could be a little looser, keeps pulling headset out of alignment. Hopefully will loosen up with time. But overall very happy.


Ordered the polley system V2 and the Index fan.

And it has been night and day, the polley system is super easy to set up, and works fantastically, it really helps keeping the cable off the floor it's amazing to be able to walk around without having to think and worry about stepping on the cable. 5/5

The Index fan accessory also helps a lot, it removes a lot of the heat from the Index. It's really nice and I haven't had any problems with fan noise or fan whining. 5/5

Kind Regards


Cable Pulley System Review

This was very easy to set up, good price, fast shipping. This helps me a ton when playing PC VR with a cable. Absolute “must buy”.