Best Head Strap for Quest 3: Introducing KIWI design K4 Comfort Head Strap

par ZDanny sur Jul 06, 2024

Best Head Strap for Quest 3: Introducing KIWI design K4 Comfort Head Strap

The KIWI design K4 Comfort Head Strap is our latest Meta Quest 3 head strap. Drawing upon the mature design of our first-generation head strap, the thickened and widened leather cushions, ergonomically designed to evenly distribute pressure, sets a new standard of Quest 3 head strap for comfort during extended wear.

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Low-profile Design

Our latest industrial design ensures seamless integration with the exterior of the Meta Quest 3, offering a sleek and unified appearance. Through meticulous design, we used the same color for the inner side of the head strap as the rear head support, making the entire head strap look slimmer and more lightweight. Additionally, we cleverly positioned the knob on the inner side and used the same black color to create the Stealth Knob. This knob blends harmoniously with the Quest 3’s design, maintaining a clean and modern look. The stealth design of the knob enhances comfort when lying down by providing a smooth, uninterrupted surface, eliminating any potential discomfort. Furthermore, its ergonomic design allows for easy and precise adjustments, ensuring an optimal fit every time.

Screw-less Appearance:

With the continued trials and efforts of our engineers, we are proud to announce that our K4 Comfort Head Strap has no exterior screws. This sleek design not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also improves durability and ease of use. This represents another level of design and build quality, perfectly aligning with our slogan: "Making Things Better."

Adaptive Rear Head Support:

The rear head support of the K4 Comfort Head Strap now features adaptive adjustment. Our engineers have redesigned the clips to allow the rear head support to rotate by 4 degrees, enabling it to automatically fit your head more comfortably. Additionally, the plastic used for the rear head support is now softer. These enhancements combined make the head strap adapt more easily to different head shapes.

Upgraded Signature Flip-Up Hinge:

In 2021, the original KIWI design Comfort Head Strap was the first to introduce the revolutionary flip-up hinge design. This innovation had two major purposes: making the headset easier to wear and remove, and allowing the Quest 2 to flip up and stay on your forehead. This was a significant improvement over the official elite strap and other head straps on the market, enabling users to check their surroundings without completely removing the headset. With the K4, we have upgraded the head strap’s signature KIWI design 52° flip-up hinge. The dampening of the hinge is now smoother, providing better support for the flip-up operation of Meta Quest 3.


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