Silicone Face Cover Pad with Lens Protector

by ZhinanZhang on Aug 19, 2021

Silicone Face Cover Pad with Lens Protector

Are you feeling anxious about the cleaning issues of Oculus Quest2's face cover pad? This time I would like to introduce you a convenient, hygienic and recyclable silicone face cover pad and Lens protector.

Silicone Face Cover Pad with Lens Protector


From the material point of view, this set of products is mainly composed of silicone.


1.This Face cover pad is thin(0.03 inches thick), soft and comfortable which can fit your face perfectly, even if you play for a long time without any discomfort and no irritation to your skin.

2.Completely prevent the original mask from being corroded by sweat, effective silicone cover that can proof from the dust, scratch and sunburn.

3.The nose shade design can effectively cover the VR glasses when wearing the nose part of the larger light leakage space, to get a better gaming experience.

4.Silicone surface with etching, texture exquisite and beautiful that will help to increase friction, anti-slip and anti-sweat.

5.The set comes with a Silicone Cover for Oculus Quest2 glasses to prevent them from being scratched or covered with dust.

Here is some real feedback from customers:


Although our product has some flaws, such as easy to get dust, and someone do not like the touch feeling, but I still think it is a good protection for the device. We will also accept the views of our customers, analysis and improvement of our products, to produce a product that satisfies everyone!

Thanks for your time. To be continue...

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