Ready Player Me Launches Cross-Game VR Avatar Hub

by ZhinanZhang on Jul 28, 2021

Ready Player Me Launches Cross-Game VR Avatar Hub
July 21, 2021

Create a digital identity and explore a massive catalog of 260 VR games and apps.

Wolf3D, the team behind Ready Player Me, today announced a new platform that allows you to bring a custom 3D avatar with you across a growing catalog of VR apps, from social VR experiences like VRChat and Somnium Space to immersive tools such as Animaze and LIV.

For those unfamiliar with Ready Player Me, this free service allows you to create a custom 3D avatar based on your likeness. All you have to do is log on to the Ready Player Me website, take a photo of yourself using your computer’s webcam, and wait as the program automatically generates a digital representation within a matter of minutes. You’re then free to manually customize your creation with different hairstyles, skin tones, facial features, and clothing.



Image Credit: Ready Player Me

Once finished, you can then upload your new avatar directly to programs such as VRChat or download it as a standard .fbx file. This remains one of the easiest ways to design your own custom VR avatar, especially for those without any prior 3D modeling or animation experience.

With the launch of Ready Player Me’s hub, you can now use the same 3D avatar across a massive catalog of 260 VR games and apps. Gone are the days when you were forced to create a different avatar for every new experience. Now, you can create a singular digital identity accessible across a wide range of popular content, bringing us one step closer to the metaverse.

To get started, create a profile on and click on “Enter the Hub” to access your profile. Here you can access and customize your 3D avatars and discover new apps. Wolf3D has already partnered with numerous corporations to offer a generous catalog of content, from business and productivity tools like Mozilla Hubs and vSpatial to educational experiences such as House of Math and imedu.

Image Credit: Ready Player Me

All you have to do is select “Connect Avatar” and sign in to your personal profile. The next time you log on to the app, your new avatar should be waiting there ready to go.

“With more than 260 games and apps already on board and growing at a 40% MoM rate, the Ready Player Me avatar platform and hub has the most all-encompassing access to the metaverse – the thousands of interconnected virtual worlds people visit daily to work, play and collaborate – available to gamers and developers today,” stated the company in an official release.

“With its latest new feature, Ready Player Me’s hub is the first true cross-application avatar platform where users can seamlessly navigate their digital likenesses between the games and apps integrated with the platform.”

For more information visit here.

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