‘POPULATION: ONE’ Gets Update 'Kingdom Age'

by ZhinanZhang on Aug 05, 2021

‘POPULATION: ONE’ Gets Update 'Kingdom Age'

The free ‘Kingdom Age’ update will be broken up into four events, each with its own unique twist.

BigBox VR’s POPULATION: ONE is receiving a new update this week that will introduce a slew of medieval-themed content to the popular VR battle royale game. In addition to a new location and weapon, tomorrow’s update will also feature a new progression system designed to assist more casual players.

Available free on Oculus Quest and SteamVR headsets, the ‘Kingdom Age’ update will offer a refreshing change-of-pace from the game’s most recent Western-themed season. The most noticeable addition is the new Kingdom destination. This massive structure is composed of an angelic castle, wizard’s tower, nobles’ estates, and peasant quarters, resulting in plenty of close-quarters shoot-outs.

The Kingdom Age update features a single new item, a mythical sword named Excaliber. Whereas the in-game katana can be used to generate a protective shield, Exacliber gives you a high-speed boost, allowing you to quickly close in on enemies before delivering a deadly final blow. The new weapon pairs perfectly with the tight alleyways and labyrinth-like interiors of the Kingdom. Remember, you never bring a gun to a knife fight.

Image Credit: BigBox VR

As previously stated, Excaliber is the only new item being introduced as part of the update. Why only one new item you ask? According to BigBox, Kingdom Age is designed to offer a more accessible experience for casual players and those new to the game by removing the Battle Pass format in favor of individual events.

This latest season will be composed of four events spread out over 11 weeks. Each of these events will feature its own unique twist on the game. The second event, for example, may feature a new game mode.

In addition to the aforementioned updates, Kingdom Age will also introduce new characters and weapon skins, such as the heroic Victoria. The first event, “Kingdom Conquest”, kicks off on August 5th.

POPULATION: ONE is available now for $29.99 on Oculus Quest and SteamVR headsets. The Kingdom Age update will be available as a free download to all players.


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