Medal Of Honor Oculus Quest 2 ver Release Date Revealed

by ZhinanZhang on Nov 09, 2021

Medal Of Honor Oculus Quest 2 ver Release Date Revealed

This news was just revealed on the Oculus blog, which confirmed the game price at $39.99. As was previously announced, full cross-buy support is included for those that bought the Oculus Rift version from the Oculus Store, though that won’t be applicable if you bought the game on Steam. The Quest store page is already live.

Medal of Honor’s Oculus Quest 2 port promises to bring the full PC VR experience over to the standalone headset. That includes the lengthy campaign in which players fight in battles across the second World War and the 12-player multiplayer component, complete with five modes. It’ll be a big game to install and will take up most of the space on a 64GB Quest 2. Cross-play with the PC VR version of the game is not included. Check out the trailer above to see how the standalone version of the game is stacking up.

We were surprised to learn that the game is coming to Quest 2 given the PC version of Above and Beyond was demanding for even high-end systems. We thought that version of the game was good, but definitely had pacing issues. “If you’re eager to dive into a VR version of WWII with exciting set piece moments, authentic historical footage, and an addictively fun online multiplayer mode, then you should come away satisfied,” we said. “But if you were looking for an immersive narrative wrapped up in a cutting-edge evolution of VR game design with expert pacing — don’t hold your breath.”



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