Facial Interface

Does this fit on the Oculus Quest 2?

Yes it does. It fits better than the original, very comfortable.

Tried the nose pad,Did it work?

Works fine on blocking light.I'm satisfied.

Can you clean the face pad?

Yes, they are pu leather. I use a damp cloth to clean them.

Does it include lens protector?

Yes, a peice of EVA protector.


New Controller Grips

Is the plastic battery pull tab durable? What if it is damaged?

The set comes with multiple battery pull tabs (I think 4 extra) so if one breaks you can swap it out. Definitely no worries on this.

How to clean it without taking off the whole grips cover?

You can clean it with wet wipes and then dry it with tissues. Be careful not to let the cleaning fluid flow into the battery compartment.

Will replacing the battery compartment cover affect the functions of the controllers?

Not at all, because there is no built-in chip or tracker in the original battery compartment cover. After using the upgraded version, it will only make it easier to remove and reinstall the battery.

Where is the plastic battery pull tab stored when the battery compartment is closed?

The tab remains in the compartment underneath the batter and wrapped over the top when you put on the cover.


VR Cable Management

Does the overhead cable tend to get in the way of moving around or storing the headset?

It depends on how much you are reeling back in when your HMD is not on. You get enough mounting hardware to make an endpoint triangular tension on three reels which makes for extremely easy use when you are in VR. If you set it up properly you shouldn't have much cabling in the way. If you are only connecting one reel at the end you might get a little more interaction with the HMD cabling.

Storage is trickier. If you are storing your HMD near the last connection point(s) of the reels then you shouldn't have much trouble with any cables being unmanageable. If not you can either disconnect the loops around the cables for your HMD or just remove the reels from their mounting hooks. Personally I just take the reels off the hooks so they stay connected to the same points along the cables to my HMD. When I am ready to use it I just put them back on the hooks and I can hop in without tweaking the setup.

Does anyone have a reccomendation for an adhesive (like 3m Command Strips) that can be used for the ceiling that won't ruin the paint on the ceiling?

I used the .5 lbs command strip hooks (the base is plastic and the hook is a separate metal piece). I wasn’t sure if they would hold up to being tugged on but they have been up for over a month of almost daily play and are working perfectly! I didn’t use the supplied adhesive hooks out of fear of ceiling damage.

Have you used the adhesion hook? How does it work? Is it a suction cup or sticky tab?

Sticky tabs. Very strong, as long as your ceiling isn't especially textured.

What size is the Allen wrench?

No need for an allen wrench.

How well does this stick to bubble ceilings?

You need to anchor them in. Don’t Try to use adhesive on that. My ceiling is textured and they are anchored in very well.


Upgrade Link Cable

Does this cable work with a usb-a (female to male) extension cord to make the total length even longer?

You will likely need an active extender so the signal does not degrade.

Will this cable work good if i only have usb 3.0/3.1 ports?

Yes, fast transmission with charging - USB 3.0

How about the delay of this line?

When I use it, I can’t feel any delay. By the way, this cable is usb 3.0, and they claim that its video transmission speed can reach 5Gbps, I guess there should be no obvious delay.

What material is this thread made of?

Its USB interface and type c interface are made of plastic and metal, and the middle connection line is pvc wire, which can be better suited for oculus quest 2.

Did someone tested this cable for Oculus Link compatibility?

I think the compatibility is very good. I can easily connect the computer and oculus quest 2. Although the cable is 16 feet long, the data transmission is still relatively fast. In addition, the stability of the charging is also good. No accidents, it will not easy to disconnect, but you need to maintain the cleanlines

What's the speed of the cable in the oculus test?

I believe when I tested mine it was around 2.0 Gbps. The official Oculus Link Cable tested at around 2.3 Gbps on my system.I had no issues when using the KIWI cable.


Silicone Face Pad Cover

Is this material heat resistant?

Silicone masks are easy to deform or melt when exposed to heat. For your safety and good experience, please use it under normal temperature. It is best not to put it in places near heat or fire sources, and avoid exposing it to the sun.

Does the face pad comfortable?

Yes, it's reasonably comfortable, and the nose flap blocks out light from around the nosepiece.

Does it help with thw fogging

In my opinion, the silicone face pad is a perfect complement to the default foam pad. It's probably led to a little fogging, but compare with the Oculus default foam pad it could be washed, it‘s a unique advantage.

Will this lens cover break easily?

Nope,It is not easy to break, at least for me. If it is used for normal opening and closing instead of doing something indescribable, I believe it will not be broken after a thousand years. Of course, you deliberately want it to be broken, then it is definitely easy.

Did it fit Oculus Quest 2 perfectly?

I guess this accessory is specially designed for Oculus Quest 2. It is very comfortable to wear. I can easily put them on my VR glasses. If it is not a violent pull, they will not detach from it when you wear it and take it off.