‘Warhammer: Tempestfall’ Decided to delayed to improve their quality

by ZhinanZhang on Sep 01, 2021

‘Warhammer: Tempestfall’ Decided to delayed to improve their quality
Warhammer: Tempestfall is shaping up to look like a fun fantasy action game with melee combat and spellcasting at its core.
Though it was due to launch on PC VR and Quest this Summer, the studio today announced that the game has been delayed into Q4 and gave a general update on the state of development.
The decision to delay the game may have been related to feedback from the game’s closed beta which ran earlier this year. Here’s how the studio puts it:

As you know, we are currently at a very advanced stage of the development of Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Tempestfall. All of the zones, enemies, quests, items, spells and major mechanics are ticking like a Swiss watch, but… although the game is about 99% done, we concluded that we could still make it even better.

We’ve decided to implement a handful of quality of life changes and reconsider certain elements of the combat system, especially blocking. Our main goal is to make fighting Nighthaunt forces as fun as possible, whether preferring stationary or mobile playstyle. We hope you will enjoy our new weapon contact-based blocking system!

Among other unlisted improvements, players can also expect a deeper character progression system, with additional rewards for exploration.
Regarding blocking, Carbon Studio shared a glimpse of the new system, which uses quick FX to clue players into where they should block. In some ways it looks like a more subtle version of the blocking system that works to well in Until You Fall.
To gather more feedback on the latest changes to the game, Carbon Studio has announced that it will run a second closed beta; players interested in testing the game can head to the official Carbon Studio Discord for more details on joining the second beta.

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