by ZhinanZhang on Jul 26, 2021


Totally Baseball is a home sports game and a baseball VR game.

After entering the game, what you see is in the space of a baseball lounge. First of all, you can design your own character appearance, such as face, hair, skin tone, etc. You can see the names of your teammates and even photos in the lounge. I don’t know if those photos are of celebrities in baseball. Maybe they are some kind of spoof? If you know, please let me know, lol.

In the introduction of the game, it is claimed that the realism of somatosensory is very high, but in the actual experience, I personally feel that it lack some flexibility and choices. For example, when throwing a baseball, the change in the speed of the ball and the trajectory of the ball is not so rich. When you want the ball to fly slower and throw it lightly, the baseball will still fly out at a fast speed, and I want to say the thing is, in the process of defense, on a real baseball field, baseball is like a bullet so you always need your best to catch it.

Nonetheless in the game, baseball is like a cotton candy, falling on your hands without anything. I hope the game can fix the problem with pressing feedback

Finally, let’s talk about the settings. Before the game starts, you can choose the auxiliary settings. This enables you to better perform the preliminary exercises and break-in. Or, if you seem to have a lot of confidence in yourself, even a baseball player, then without auxiliary help, the ball should be able to show a beautiful arc.

In general, the fun of just throwing the ball is pretty good for me as a layman, because I used to play similar games in video arcades. The throwing feeling and graphics at that time, well, It's difficult to explain in a word. Go down to the topic, in short, if you are an ordinary player, I think the Totally Baseball will fit you. Just waving your arms for entertainment is also a good choice.

There are a variety of throwing options in the game, and there are also numerous venues to choose from. Of course, this requires the player to unlock it. There are likewise a variety of different sports methods, and there are also customizable comfortable settings. Generally speaking, the game producer seems to want to does it. As a sports game that makes everyone fall in love with baseball, it seems that a multiplayer mode will be launched in the future, which is worth looking forward to receiving.

Totally Bseball_VR

One thing that is very interesting is that the game can also use a device similar to the Doraemon air cannon to throw the ball, which makes the game more interesting lol.

The game may develop in the direction of a multiplayer fun game, but I also hope to have more plausibility in terms of somatosensory, and I also recommend everyone to experience it.

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