VR Parkour Game ‘STRIDE’ Coming To Oculus Quest

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VR Parkour Game ‘STRIDE’ Coming To Oculus Quest
July 25, 2021

Run, jump, vault, shoot, slide, and roll your way through this fast-paced VR free running experience.

After a year in Steam Early Access, developer Joy Way is bringing STRIDE to Oculus Quest headsets next month, offering standalone players a lightning-fast VR parkour experience that will have them scaling walls and gunning down baddies as they leap from futuristic rooftop to futuristic rooftop using unique locomotion mechanics.

Originally released on SteamVR headsets this past September, STRIDE combines physical movement with split-second decision-making to deliver a nerve-wracking arcade experience set throughout a futuristic metropolis. Similar to the 2008 action-adventure platformer Mirrors Edge, STRIDE has you physically traversing a variety of urban obstructions using unique locomotion mechanics, while at the same time fighting a never-ending wave of faceless enemies.

Like the SteamVR release, STRIDE on Oculus Quest will feature three game modes at launch. Endless Mode lets you test your freerunning skills as you navigate a never-ending gauntlet of challenging terrain. As you progress through your run, the world behind you will collapse into oblivion; one small mistake, and you risk being swallowed by the abyss. Time Run Mode, on the other hand, has you competing with other players for the top spot on the leaderboard.

Finally, there’s Arena Mode, a free roam game type that lets you explore the city at your leisure as you complete a variety of unique assignments, from stealing important items and completing a specific route in a set period of time to collecting valuable items scattered throughout the map and taking out a specific number of enemies.

Image Credit: Joy Way

STRIDE will be available on Oculus Quest headsets on August 5th for $15.99. Those with a SteamVR headset can play the game now for $19.99.

Not long ago, Joy Way introduced a new multiplayer game mode on PC VR headsets. The free add-on currently features one game mode and several maps. No word on when or if multiplayer support will arrive on Oculus Quest headsets. Feel like flexing your creative juices? Joy Way is currently hosting a video contest in which players can compete for a chance at a shared prize pool of $1,500.

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