KIWI design VR Cable Management Pro

presso ZhinanZhang su Aug 19, 2021

KIWI design VR Cable Management Pro

Last time, we introduced the Grips Cover from KIWI design, hope that can really make game easier and better. This time I’m going to show you one of the best sell products from KIWI design, the Cable Management Pro.

Silent VR Pulley System
Silent VR Pulley System

From the material point of view, the main materials are plastic, silicone, and dyneema.


1.Without noise, the quiet environment can give you a more realistic immersive experience.

2.Cable pulling length adjustment screw adds silicone cushion structure to reduce the resistance of cable pulling.

3.Redesigned wire binding structure, can be quickly disassembled, adapt to different kinds of wire type firmly and not easy to loosen.

4.The pulling line is made of ultra-high strength special material (dyneema).

5.The addition of four-way connectors allows for more flexible and easy adjustment of movement space for a better experience.

Following are some real review from our customers:

Great quality good price
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Hope this product can provide you a better gaming environment!

To be continued.

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