Why KIWI design Battery Head Strap is Outstanding

by Danny Z on May 24, 2024

KIWI design Battery Head Strap for Quest 3


You may notice the KIWI design Battery Head Strap for Quest 3 has the same 6400mAh@3.85v spec as our Quest 2 version, and this is true. The biggest difference is we upgraded the cable and firmware so it can output higher power. This means the quality of our battery was capable for Quest 3 power demand from beginning.


What makes KIWI design Battery Head Strap different from others?

Besides the ergonomic design, the answer is hidden inside: the batteries. This is how the battery looks like inside our Battery Head Strap.

Battery of KIWI design Battery Head Strap

If you ever disassemble other third-party battery straps, you will notice that most of them use the same kind of battery – the 18650 battery. In contrast, the KIWI design Battery Head Strap uses customized batteries from Amprius.


What is 18650 battery?

The 18650 battery was first developed in 1994. The name ‘18650’ is derived from its size, measuring 18mm in diameter and 65mm in length. Over the decades, it has been widely utilized in various devices. Even some early electronic vehicles used them as their power storage. However, this popularity has brought about certain challenges, with plenty of fake and salvaged 18650 batteries flooding the market.


KIWI design customized battery VS 18650 battery

Our customized battery features a higher energy density, with each battery rated at 3200mAh@3.85V. In comparison, the 18650 battery is commonly rated at 2500-3000mAh@3.7V. The higher energy density can also benefit the weight and form factor. These allow us to make more ergonomic design and offering best comfort meanwhile support the power demand of Quest 3.

Thank you for reading this far. Here’s some good news for you! The KIWI design Battery Head Strap for Quest 2/Quest 3 mentioned in this blog is now on sale for only $36!


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