VR MOBA Game 'Glassbreakers: Champions of Moss' Launches on Quest App Lab

by Oliver Li on Aug 30, 2023

VR MOBA Game 'Glassbreakers: Champions of Moss' Launches on Quest App Lab

Game developer Polyarc Games announced on the morning of August 29th that their next multiplayer strategy VR game, "Glassbreakers: Champions of Moss," has launched an early access version. Players can enjoy the game for free on Meta Quest 2 through App Lab. Additionally, the game's Steam version is also in the works and is planned to be released later this year.

According to Polyarc Games, the game is set in the same fantasy universe as the Moss series. In the world of Glassbreakers, players will once again take on the role of characters from another dimension, interacting with the Moss universe through reading a magical book.

The game is described by the developers as a "MOBA-like real-time combat game." Initially, the game offers seven original characters with unique abilities. Players can recruit up to three characters to form a team and engage in real-time strategic battles to protect themselves and destroy enemy units.

Image from polyarc

It's worth noting that Polyarc Games, the developer of "Glassbreakers: Champions of Moss," was founded by Tam Armstrong, Danny Bulla, and Chris Alderson in 2015. Their debut title "Moss" is a virtual reality adventure game where players guide the brave mouse Quill to rescue her uncle. The sequel, "Moss: Book II," released by the company, won the Best VR/AR Game award at the 2022 Game Awards.



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