Update For The Climb 2 brings new challenges and collectibles

by ZhinanZhang on Aug 09, 2021

Update For The Climb 2 brings new challenges and collectibles


A new update to Crytek's The Climb 2 introduces monthly challenges that allow you to unlock rotating seasonal collectibles each month.

The update will spread collectibles across the maps, each of which will help you unlock a new wristband that can be equipped onto your virtual hands. Each of the wristbands displays a diorama-type scene, with little objects and themes for different holidays, seasons and times of the year.

You can view some of the new wristbands in the Summer Collectibles trailer, embedded above.

These collectibles will change each month according to seasonal themes and the new monthly event challenges. The first set of event challenges begins this month, running from August 10 to 17. Players will have to hunt down stylized apples, which will eventually unlock a farm-themed wristband. In October, players will have to collect pumpkins to unlock a Halloween-themed wristband, while December will of course be Winter Wonderland themed.

“Completing each event will require players to explore and work out how to climb to each of the collectibles, bringing a new dynamic to playing through each of the game’s levels,” said Senior Producer Fatih Özbayram. “Our talented artists have really produced something special with the wristbands, and some of them look like miniature worlds, right there on your wrist in the game.”

The Climb 2 released earlier this year, exclusively for the Oculus Quest platform, despite the original game’s origins as a PC VR title that was later ported to Quest. These new monthly challenges continue a stream of free content update for the game — back in April, the first Freestyle Expansion Pack released for The Climb 2 as a free update.

The August monthly challenge begins August 10 for The Climb 2 on Oculus Quest.


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