The Golden Comfort Combo for Meta Quest - Head Strap & Facial Interface

by ZDanny on Jul 06, 2024

The Golden Comfort Combo for Meta Quest - Head Strap & Facial Interface
With the price drop of Meta Quest 2 and the wide adoption of Meta Quest 3, more people are stepping into the world of virtual reality. As many of you find out that the stock head strap of Meta Quest 2 & 3 are not comfortable for long-term use. This is where KIWI design performs. We have numerous different Meta Quest accessories that can improve your experience.
The first upgrade we recommend for Quest 2 beginners is the Quest 2 head strap. While there is some debates over whether to buy the Quest 2 or 3, most users agree that the stock head strap is uncomfortable for extended use. This is where the KIWI design Comfort Head Strap shines. Its extra cushioning and ergonomic design provide superior comfort for long-term use. Additionally, our unique 52-degree hinge allows for easy flipping of the headset, making it simple to put on and take off. This feature also means you don't have to completely remove the headset to check your surroundings. Since 2021, it has received an average rating of 4.8 stars on Amazon.


Quest 3 owners have an added advantage: as the latest headset, it will have a brand new Quest 3 head strap design. Introducing KIWI design K4 Comfort Head Strap. Building on the success of our first-generation Comfort Head Strap, this new design features a slimmer rear and a rebalanced center of gravity tailored for the Meta Quest 3. The redesigned stealth knob ensures comfort whether you're sitting or lying down.

The second accessory we recommend for beginners is the facial interface. Some users find the stock facial interface too rough on their skin, and after a few months, its fabric material becomes dirty and hard to clean. In contrast, the KIWI design facial interface features PU leather cushions that don't absorb sweat and are easy to clean. It also reduces pressure during wear, with our patented L-shaped vents enhancing ventilation and preventing fogging without compromising light blockage. Combined with light blockers, our facial interface ensures a more immersive experience for users.

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