Sniper Elite VR

by ZhinanZhang on Jul 22, 2021

Sniper Elite VR

Release time: July 8, 2021

Release platform: PSVR

The opportunity to discover this game was the Sniper Elite VR found by searching for story-based FPS games on the Internet. The game background is set in 1943, Southern Italy, when the fascist forces were rampant. It can be seen at the beginning of the game that the story’s screenwriter wanted to express the luck and stability brought by long-term peace. This stability is always easy to ignore the most precious things of the moment.

Let’s get down to the topic, in the first battle as a guerrilla.You are engaged in the task of occupying the enemy's position. The weapon in my hand is a rifle tho, I need to find and pick up bullets. The load is under a bolt action. Under the conditions, the vision and somatosensory will not be abrupt. Overall, the shooting experience is more orthodox.

In the process of the game, there is a storytelling narration type game guide. This is my favorite. It is no longer a simple fool-like guide, but follows the protagonist to move, switch the scope, and even pick up. By combining the plot to advance, to deepen the game and The player's "entertainment" level makes me think of the sense of substitution in the main plots of these games before playing Red Alert and Call of Duty. Nonetheless, it is a pity that these plot guides seem to be only available in the early stage, and will gradually decrease in the later stage, or only appear in the critical time period.

Regarding the plot aside, it is also the primary consideration for FPS gamers to percussive. There are for two main characteristics of the game's hitting feeling. One is the deliberate release of bullets when focusing on the key and the characteristics of penetrating the key. This is good, but of the art level, it is actually slightly ordinary and even not realistic. In addition, the feeling of shaking when hitting is a test of real somatosensory. The consideration of recoil and the different ‘hand feeling’ formed by the difference of guns is actually relatively unrefined. I don’t know if there will be updates later that will catch up with this.

Sniper elite vr quest2

In terms of environment and atmosphere, it is obviously unfair to compare existing excellent 5A masterpieces. The biggest limitation is clearly the constraints of the platform and the overall VR industry. But the art style always makes me unconsciously "out of role". The characters' movements are relatively rigid, and the texture of the environment and buildings is also relatively strong, not to mention the light and shadow, water flow, shadows and so on. Of course, this is linked with the entire VR environment, but I want to add stereo sound through bullets in the game, eliminate unnecessary bird sounds in the battlefield, and increase the sense of screen jitter when entering the bombing range. It should be a relatively straightforward operation.

There are still a lot of remarkable things in the game. Generally speaking, if you love this kind of plot narrative combined with battlefield shootout scenes, I recommend it.

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