Review of KIWI facial interface bracket for quest 2 vs VRcover.

by ZhinanZhang on Jul 29, 2021

Review of KIWI facial interface bracket for quest 2 vs VRcover.
Overall. Better than VRcover.
Distance to lens:
The main thing it improves at least for me is the distance from your eyes to the lens. Its increased so my eyes are further back from the lens which allow me to focus better... My ipd is very slightly out of spec, i use the quest on 3 and while its clear, its not UHD clear. With the kiwi face plate, i'm now seeing things UHD clear if that makes sense.
If u look at the pics, its pushed back further to allow the venting fins to be shown. This has helped also as heat is escaped better... I don’t think the venting helps to a huge degree but it definitely helps.
The foam it comes with is not as good as the VRcover foam. The VRcover foam is more squishy and seems to be better quality in terms of its density and puff back while the kiwi seems to be cheaper foam inside the pleather. I will say its not a huge thing though, it still feels good and helps with pressure but the VRcover foam is better. Its even slightly thicker it seems.
Nose guard:
Both are good but the kiwi nose guard looks better and isn't as flimsy as the VRcover nose guard however the VRcover nose guard does a better job at blocking out light.. I honestly don't know how but it does a better job. Even though the VRcover nose guard doesn't look as good. It works better.
Here are some pics.
Overall i like the kiwi designs better because nothing else matters like the improved vision. Everything looks crisp even from the sides or peripheral or however you spell it, lol. As opposed to me having to look at it for it to be crisp. Any questions feel free to ask. Hope this helps!

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