New fitness VR app come with Meta Quest's V56 updated? Move Fast

by Oliver Li on Jul 24, 2023


Great news for all Meta Quest users! Meta’s hand-tracking has improved by leaps and bounds since we first saw it on the original Quest in 2019.

With the latest V56 update, Meta has introduced Hand Tracking 2.2, a groundbreaking improvement that significantly enhances your hand-tracking experience. According to Meta's blog post, this update reduces hand-tracking latency by 40%  “in typical usage” and “up to 75% during fast movement.”

To demonstrate the power of these cutting-edge hand-tracking improvements, Meta has released its own first-party app, Move Fast. This exciting app allows you to engage in three thrilling actions - chopping, blocking, and striking, each corresponding to hand gestures of chopping with your hand edge, blocking with your palm, and striking with your fist.


With only four songs to play through however, Move Fast isn’t meant to be a full game, as Meta says it’s more for demonstration purposes so developers can see how the company’s Interaction SDK can now handle fast-action fitness types of apps.


The Move Fast app is now available for free download on Quest App Lab, offering compatibility with both Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets. Embrace the freedom of hand-tracking and dive into the unparalleled action with Move Fast, where your every move is seamlessly translated into the virtual realm.




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