Meta Launches New Anti-Abuse Tool to Empower Quest Devs| What will it bring?

by Oliver Li on Jul 27, 2023

Attestation API

Meta announced the Platform Integrity Attestation API (Attestation API) anti-abuse solution designed to safeguard your apps from unauthorized alterations and potential security breaches. With this API, you can detect whether your app's server is communicating with an untampered VR device, ensuring the authenticity of your app.

As the Meta Quest ecosystem continues to flourish, with a surge in both app distribution and the size of the Meta Quest community, in a developer blogpost, Meta calls it “increasingly important to instill a consistent method for validating the integrity of apps in order to provide a secure and safe user experience for everyone.”The Attestation API offers a straightforward solution for a variety of security-related scenarios, such as:

  1. Securing device authentication
  2. Hardware-based app bans
  3. Protecting financial and enterprise app data
  4. External data misuse
  5. Anti-piracy
Excited to learn more about how the Attestation API works and how can we enhance the security of apps on Meta Quest 2, Quest Pro, and the upcoming Quest 3 (scheduled for launch later in 2023)!

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