'Humanity' VR Puzzle Game Reaches 1M Downloads Within 3 Months

by Oliver Li on Aug 17, 2023

'Humanity' VR Puzzle Game Reaches 1M Downloads Within 3 Months

Japanese companies tha and Enhance announced on August 16th that their collaborative puzzle game "Humanity" has surpassed over one million global downloads across platforms including PS5, PS4, and Steam.

Since its launch on May 16th, "HUMANITY" has received widespread acclaim from gaming media, achieving an impressive score of 85 on both Metacritic and Open Critic. Additionally, players can experience the demo version of "HUMANITY" on Steam, featuring 10 selected "STORY MODE" levels and 3 "USER STAGES" levels. The demo is compatible with PC, Steam Deck, and compatible PC VR platforms.


The game has recently introduced a level creation tool called "Stage Creator" which includes the addition of "Machines," a late-game puzzle element from the final chapter of the "HUMANITY" STORY MODE. Players can create and share levels by uploading them to the server. Currently, the community boasts over 5500 player-created levels.

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