‘Carrier Command 2 VR’ Release Date Set for August 10th

by ZhinanZhang on Aug 04, 2021

‘Carrier Command 2 VR’ Release Date Set for August 10th

Carrier Command 2, which was confirmed just a few weeks ago to be getting full VR support, is now set to launch on August 10th.

Carrier Command 2 is a PC-based reboot of the now 33 year-old Carrier Command which crosses elements of vehicle simulation with real-time strategy. Instead of just interacting through a simple UI, Carrier Command 2 is played in first-person with the player taking position on the bridge of the carrier itself and given access to the ship’s many functions laid out spatially between various control panels and computer terminals.

While the game can be played solo, there’s nine distinct role on the bridge, each of which can be filled by a real player in co-op multiplayer. Player-vs-player is also supported though how many players will be supported in that mode per ship (and how many ships) isn’t clear.

Just two weeks ago developer Geometa announced the game would be getting full VR support, which will come as a separate version of the game called Carrier Command 2 VR. Both the VR and non-VR version of the game will be bundled together for one price, and cross-play multiplayer will be offered between them.

Now the studio has announced that both versions of the game are set for an August 10th release date—just next week! The game was originally expected to launch in the Spring, but the studio delayed it into the Summer. Pricing for the game hasn’t been announced.

Carrier Command 2 saw a recent time-limited demo, though Geometa says “there is much more to see in the full game including over 2,000 words of fully voiced storyline, 64 islands over a huge open world, enemy carriers, PvP battles, co-op campaign, translations to 8 languages, custom game mode, more attachments, more weapons, higher difficulty islands, and more.”




Image courtesy Geometa

The studio previously admitted that VR support wasn’t planned for the game from the outset, but claims it’s spatial design made it possible to slot in after the fact.

“While VR was not originally in our roadmap, the literalism of the diegetic interfaces within the game has made it very easy to introduce VR to Carrier Command—this is the same game, with the same balance and same mechanics!”

As far as we know, the VR version of the game wasn’t included in the demo, so there’s a chance the feature won’t be fully baked at launch, but we’ve got our fingers crossed.


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