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Blair Witch Hits PSVR And SteamVR

by ZhinanZhang on Aug 13, 2021

Blair Witch Hits PSVR And SteamVR



Bloober’s adaptation of the horror franchise is now available on practically all VR platforms, having first launched on the Oculus Quest in late 2020 and arrived on the Oculus Rift store just a few weeks ago. Today’s SteamVR launch means that anyone with a PC VR headset will be able to play it, though, and PSVR owners have been expecting this launch for the past few weeks too.

The game will cost $29.99 on both platforms, with a special edition that includes a digital artbook selling for $34.99. The Rift edition of the game included a range of improvements from the original Quest launch, so expect to see those carried over to the new platforms too.

Blair Witch VR tells a unique story within the world of the horror series. We gave the original version of the game 4/5 saying: “As far as ports of non-VR games go, Blair Witch VR is quite great as it manages to be better than its non-VR predecessor in basically every way,” we wrote. “Frankly, this setting fits VR like a blood-soaked glove and I hope to see more Blair Witch games in VR after this.”

With Blair Witch’s launch Bloober currently doesn’t have any new VR projects announced. The team partnered with Incuvo to bring Layers Of Fear to most headsets too, so hopefully we’ll see more VR work in the team’s future. For now, it’s rumored to be working on a Silent Hill revival. That’d be something in VR, wouldn’t it?

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