1-4 Player Co-op VR Game| The Break-In: Steal Everything You See

by Oliver Li on Aug 15, 2023

1-4 Player Co-op VR Game| The Break-In: Steal Everything You See
Immerse yourself in the intense world of "The Break-In," a multiplayer online co-op game where players work together to pull off daring heists in houses, stores, and casino vaults. The objective? To steal anything and everything that isn't nailed down – and perhaps even a few things that are!

Once you've successfully nabbed your loot, it's time to turn a profit. Sell your ill-gotten gains for cold hard cash and use those funds to acquire new thief equipment. This gear will prove invaluable as you take on riskier and more audacious heists.

Explore a variety of special thief equipment to optimize your plundering endeavors. Use ladders and climbing picks to breach entry points, and employ tools like airbags and pistons to transport your loot securely back to your getaway van.
The Break In
But what about dealing with obstacles like homeowners or security? Fear not, for your arsenal also includes items like hammers, firecrackers, and wearable headlamp shades. Knock out, distract, or evade residents with these strategic tools.

The natural climbing system is your ticket to freedom of movement. Ascend drainpipes, slip through windows, and stealthily maneuver to rooftops for superior reconnaissance. Just be cautious – a fall from a window could spell disaster if you didn't bring a trampoline. Or perhaps, such a device is already part of your intricate plan?

Whether you're in VR or playing without it, "The Break-In" offers an immersive experience. The option for VR amplifies the thrill, but full enjoyment is guaranteed for all players. Cross-play functionality bridges the gap between VR and non-VR players, providing equal control through keyboard and mouse or VR gear.

Expect the unexpected with random level generation. Each mission boasts a unique layout with diverse entry points, forcing players to devise fresh strategies for every infiltration. NPCs are randomized too, adding an element of surprise and challenge to each heist. Will you encounter an irate resident, a trained guard, or even a hidden camera guarding the treasures?


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