controller grips for oculus quest
controller grips for oculus quest
controller grips for oculus quest
controller grips for oculus quest
controller grips for oculus quest
controller grips for oculus quest
controller grips for oculus quest
controller grips for oculus quest

Knuckle Grips Cover with Battery Opening Compatible with Quest 2

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Product description
  • Solve The Trouble of Battery Replacement - The battery opening design allows you to easily replace the battery without removing the entire controller grips cover. Tips: The plastic battery pull tab is placed under the battery.

  • Perfectly Protect The Quest 2 Controller - KIWI design Quest 2 controller grips cover prevents the controllers from slipping out of your hands by accident while you are playing games, and protects the touch controllers from scratching and soiling.

  • Nice Details - The texture of the grips cover increases friction that improves grip and wicks sweat so that your hands won’t slip out of the strap easily. The reserved hole to accommodate the original wrist strap which adds extra protection and more stability.

  • Great Adjustability - The nylon magic tape makes the knuckle strap adjustable to fit different-sized hands. Rotatable rivet enables you to slightly adjust the angle according to the different sized hands or game actions, making your hand movements smoother.

  • Easy to Install and Remove - The unibody design makes the grips cover easy to put on and take off. With 2 securing grommets to secure it, no worry about vigorous movements that could make the grip cover start to slide off. Package included: 1 pair Quest 2 controller grip covers with knuckle straps, 1 pair battery compartment cover and 6 plastic battery pull tabs. Please Note: Batteries not included!

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Q: Is the plastic battery pull tab durable? What if it is damaged?

A: The set comes with multiple battery pull tabs (I think 4 extra) so if one breaks you can swap it out. Definitely no worries on this.

Q: How to clean it without taking off the whole grips cover?

A: You can clean it with wet wipes and then dry it with tissues. Be careful not to let the cleaning fluid flow into the battery compartment.

Q: Will replacing the battery compartment cover affect the functions of the controllers?

A: Not at all, because there is no built-in chip or tracker in the original battery compartment cover. After using the upgraded version, it will only make it easier to remove and reinstall the battery.

Q: Where is the plastic battery pull tab stored when the battery compartment is closed?

A: The tab remains in the compartment underneath the batter and wrapped over the top when you put on the cover.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews

I love these. Even when I get sweaty, it doesn’t slip. The only downside is the metal part at the top which kind of gets on my nerves, but i’ve learned to ignore it. Great product!

Triston Dutton
Great Quality

These work exactly as advertised with a nice feel and fit to the controller, for big hands the metal piece that holds the velcro strap can rarely be annoying but not enough to make me not want to use them in any way.


I ordered this as well as 2 other items (a link cable and a head strap) and all 3 items arrived days before I expected! They're in great condition and appear to be excellent quality. I had expected to get these around the same time as my headset but they got here first, so all I can say is the initial examination, but I have no doubt that all three items will work beautifully


It makes my controllers feel so much better

bálint lukács
knuckel grips

very good i' m having a little trouble with the plastic battery remover and i like that it came with bonus ones