by ZhinanZhang on Jul 23, 2021


The map currently has three sizes, small maps: street house, farmhouse, etc.

Only one middle map now: High school map.

And one big map, which is the largest at present, Lunatic asylum.

As the bigger the map is, the harder to find hiding ghosts. After all, if the small map encounters a ghost hunting, there is nowhere to conceal it!

The difficulty of the game consists of three levels, namely amateur, intermediate, and expert. Rewards will also vary with different levels.

The props in the game are very rich, there are flashlights (the smallest is purple light, used to illuminate the traces of ghosts), lighters (used to light candles and holy wood, holy wood can drive away ghosts), salt, thermometer (check the temperature nearby when there is Ghost), psychic box (you can talk to ghosts and accomplish certain tasks), camera (take ghosts, you can make money), EMF detector (5 levels, EMF5 can be used as evidence of ghost speculation), etc. Please explore the various ways to play props by yourself~


The types of ghosts are also very rich, and have their own action characteristics, which greatly increases the richness of the game~

Finally, I will talk about some tips or discoveries discovered during the game:

If the cross is too close to the EMF, the EMF will be disturbed, and the test result will be downgraded by one level!

Props are effective when held in your hand. The most common cross is the psychic box (opened).

Cross functions: Block the ghosts within 3 meters of the cross from entering the hunt. It has no effect on the the ghosts that have entered the hunt. It is only 5 meters for the banshee, and disappears after blocking. In addition, the temperature below 13 is an indication of ghosts.
Spirit orbs can fly randomly and cannot be used to establish determine the location of ghosts or even fly out of the house. Take photos of the bones before the game is over, otherwise the ghost will give priority to kill the players who picked up the bones. VR players can move to cabinets, tables, roofs and other places so that ghosts cannot be killed.

Don't get too close to the doors and windows when hiding, so as not to be killed by the mold-piercing bug, lol.

Phasmophobia featured
Finally, never act alone. There are many ways to play the game, so bring friends to explore together

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