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⚡Save $2.00 on all items>> CODE: KIWI2
KIWI Design Link Cable for Oculus Quest 1/2

KIWI Design Link Cable for Oculus Quest 1/2

This time we are going to introduce a 'must have' accessory for your Oculus Quest/ Quest 2, Upgrade Link Cable for Oculus Quest 1 & Quest 2.

From the material point of view, this product is mainly composed of PVC wire.

We have also been recognized by well-known YouTuber. Here is one of the  representative video:


  1. Solve the problem of insufficient electrical capacity of VR headset, extend the game time, experience more enjoyable.
  2. Light quality and short diameter of the cable, Looks coordinated even when attached to a VR headset.
  3. Elbow design, data cable length is moderate, more comfortable to use without cumbersome, more concise overall.
  4. Can be connected to a computer to play VR games, providing high picture quality and high transmission rate.

Here are some of our customer’s real review screenshots:

Thanks for your time!

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