A Township Tale

by Alex Melen on Jul 23, 2021

A Township Tale

This time I experienced A Township Tale on my Oculus Quest 2.

The biggest pleasure for me is the private server and open space. This gives the game a social function, find friends to chop down trees in it, a bit like Animal Crossing and Minecraft.

Since it is a sandbox survival game, of course I will find friends to explore together.

In terms of gameplay, this game is quite amusing: it includes mining, forging, logging, hunting, cooking, planting, fighting, etc. Through these gameplays, you can also decide to become a blacksmith, warrior or miner. Everyone is different. The world assigns their respective duties and enjoys the fun of being in a different world together. This is the most precious. Of course, this is a little bit physically demanding. If you don’t believe it, frequent squatting down to pick up branches after cutting the tree will make you tired. You’ll understand, and then discovered that the fitness ring adventure is nothing more than that.

Of course, there are elements of adventure, and it is likewise a good time for group combat. In various caves, in various unexplored unknown worlds, hidden monsters and treasures are very attractive. This adds to the dreary life of the township. Want to know more uncertain things? Call friends and explore in the game!

A township tale review

By the way, the game also has its own camera, which is the kind of camera that you can hold or put down. Maybe you can be a Youtuber in the game? ! lol

In addition, there are several areas where we hope that the game can be improved. For example, we hope that the types of animals will be more abundant ( I don't want to eat chicken every day !), and the season system will be in addition to make the game more abundant.

Let’s share some tips you need to know before starting a township tale~

  1. When you cut down a tree, if you don't break its stump, the tree will not grow again.
  2. Long press to stack the same kind of items, and then long press onthe other hand to divide the items into two pockets, and use the joystick to move the items on both sides (the guide task in the game is mentioned)
  3. Wooden sticks and stones can be combined to turn into mallets, which can  be utilized to make items. Ps: In the process of making a township tale, a mallet is used to hit the nails. System judges by the amplitude of the swing rather than the speed. For instance, if the swing is large, the nails can be embedded into the item being made faster. Of course, please Pay attention to the typing angle. If the nail is tapped at the wrong angle, it will be crooked, which will affect the quality of the finished product. (Similarly, mining is also judged by the swing amplitude, not the swing speed)
  4. You can combine straw, flint (flint), and wooden sticks into a torch that can both mine and ignite.
  5. Food can be cooked with fire, but it will become the fuel of fire if it is left for a long time
  6. When you see some boxes on the side of the road when you are exploring, and the number of items you need is displayed, put the required number into the box, and some facilities will be built automatically.

For more ways to be played, please call friends and explore in the game!

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